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/now page or “What I’m up to now”

Status: 01 April 2024


  • Polishing my Python Skills to build useful tools like termbot and other WIP projects.
  • I’ve been glued to Perplexity.ai and ChatGPT for some time now to try to make the most of them.
  • Tinkering with OpenAI and Anthropic’s APIs (Python SDKs).
  • Rebuilding my Homelab (Which I may write about someday).
  • Waiting for a good Sci-Fi movie to be released…

Books & Study

Amazing book, basically about encouraging readers to enter the “growth mindset” - The idea of contrasting mindsets like coping vs. thriving, creative vs. competitive, and constricted vs. expanding. In Stoic philosophy, there is the concept of focusing on what is within one’s control (thriving mindset) vs. worrying about external circumstances beyond one’s control (coping mindset)[1]. Buddhism also emphasizes accepting reality and detaching from desires and aversions. Coping vs. Thriving. More recently, author and entrepreneur Michael Gerber contrasted a “technician mindset” focused on daily tasks and putting out fires (coping) with an “entrepreneur mindset” focused on vision and growth (thriving). Coping vs. Thriving. Other thinkers like Robert Greene, Carol Dweck, and Tony Robbins have also popularized the idea of an abundant, growth-oriented, creative mindset leading to “thriving”, as opposed to a scarcity-based, fixed, competitive mindset leading to “coping”. Definitely a short book to be devoured, and digested more than once.

Great book which is a mix of old self-help (Like 7 habits of highly-effective people, which actually has the same structure), but condensed into quick and easy to follow everyday life actionble steps to become:

  • More engaged with our everyday life and increase our energy levels and happiness.
  • More “prolific” in the quality output in our work (And discovering what our PQO - “Prolific Quality Output” actually is) Sounds corny but it’s as useful as we make it.


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Cybersecurity professional and IT enthusiast with a passion for technology, music, personal growth, and Eastern philosophy. Transitioned from mechanical engineering to IT in 2020, with a full-time interest in Technology, Cybersecurity and recent advances in AI. Seeks to integrate eastern philosophy, mindfulness and a growth mindset into daily life and work.