19 April Now Page


/now page or “What I’m up to now”

Status: 19 April 2024

Geeking out on:

  • Improved my command line efficiency by 100x with Zoxide. Zoxide + FZF = πŸ”₯
  • Demo by Dreams of Autonomy:* YouTube
  • More new Linux CLI tools I’m using that are helping me a lot:
    • TheFuck
    • “cat” replacement: Bat
    • “ls” replacement: Exa seems no longer maintained, but Eza
  • Perplexity.ai pro perplexity.ai
  • Started using pipx instead of poetry > pipx


  • ROI for using public AI LLMs like ChatGPT, GPT4 API, Perplexity, etc. Looking at the benefits, one of the significant upsides offered by AI tools is the tremendous time-saving efficiency. These tools can expedite such tasks as content creation, coding, finding answers, and providing work assistance. The speed factor empowers you to accomplish more in less time, even if the AI output may need a bit of fine-tuning. Also, the quality and accuracy of AI-generated content can enhance the caliber of our work. Sometimes the machine output might not be perfect, but it’s often high-quality, well-researched, and accurate (It all depends on our prompt engineering skills).

Opportunity Cost: Imagine what else you can achieve using the time you’ve freed up from offloading tasks to AI – you could pursue higher-value work, learn new skills, or perhaps better manage your work-life balance. But as with anything, there are risks and challenges associated with AI tools too. These involve privacy concerns, inconsistent results requiring fact-checking, and require a learning curve to best utilize the AI optimally. Taking into account all these factors, you can accurately assess the net benefit that AI tools bring to your situation.

  • Efficiency: As I use AI LLMs as my “copilots” for a lot of tasks, a limitation I see is not in my tools, but in my ability to think clearly, state problems clearly, communicating clearly, and typing fast which require some time and effort at times. This is definitely an interesting “problem” - I’m way slower than my AI Assistants…

Now Reading & Researching:

I keep reading “The science of getting rich” by Wallace Wattles. It’s been challenging my mindset by allowing me to “see” growth and progress around me (My profession, industry, etc.). My default is towards negative emotions so a more positive and a mood that literally focuses on opportunity and abundance is a huge mindset; at least to have a comparing perspective and standpoint of things. Gratefulness is of course a huge thing to practice always.

What is a Now Page?

What is a “Now Page”? A “Now Page” is an idea attributed to Derek Sivers.. It’s a page on a person’s website that explains what the individual is currently focused on in their life. Made to give a summary and status update similar to what one might tell a friend they haven’t seen in a year, a “Now Page” provides a big picture that isn’t typically conveyed by other social media updates. It offers a reminder of their priorities and can help in refocusing or decluttering their current tasks or agendas. The idea behind this isn’t for business benefits, but for personal reflection and information for those curious about them.

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Cybersecurity professional and IT enthusiast with a passion for technology, music, personal growth, and Eastern philosophy. Transitioned from mechanical engineering to IT in 2020, with a full-time interest in Technology, Cybersecurity and recent advances in AI. Seeks to integrate eastern philosophy, mindfulness and a growth mindset into daily life and work.