06 April 2024 Now Page


/now page or “What I’m up to now”

Status: 06 April 2024

Geeking out on

  • Using krita for Doodling this website’s figures with my old Wacom stylus.
  • Tried Neovim but didn’t like it - Way too many bells and whistles. I’m staying with Vim for now.
  • Unleashing the power of Linux Aliases for Termbot, weaver and other tools. I don’t know if I’m becoming lazy but I’m way faster in my workflows.
  • Reviving little by little my knowledge center in Notion - Considering moving everything to Gitbook; the custom domain “hack” by fruition isn’t working for me. It’s A LOT of work and the unmemorizable URL defeats its purpose (Quick access, quick review).
  • Using snyk for security scanning my Python projects.


  • Vulnerability Management feels Archaic and something that needs a modern approach. Pondering about Alan Weiss’ idea of “Cyber Security being a habit”.
  • About the real future of professionals and human potential and AI. Check this out:

Future of Professionals and AI


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Cybersecurity professional and IT enthusiast with a passion for technology, music, personal growth, and Eastern philosophy. Transitioned from mechanical engineering to IT in 2020, with a full-time interest in Technology, Cybersecurity and recent advances in AI. Seeks to integrate eastern philosophy, mindfulness and a growth mindset into daily life and work.