AWS VPN & Networking

AWS VPN & Networking

Site-to-site VPN

  • Connection: VGW (Virtual Private Gateway) AWS Side + CGW (Customer Gateway) Datacenter Side
  • Can Customize ASN (Autonomous System Number)
  • !! Need to enable ROute Propagation in the Route table of the subnets
  • For Pinging EC2, enable ICMP at the SG level
  • For multiple Datacenters to 1 VGW, use AWS VPN Cloudhub

Customer Gateways:

Your customer gateway device

Direct Connect (DX)

Conexiones de red de la nube hΓ­brida - AWS Direct Connect - Amazon Web Services

Dedicated vs Hosted connections:

β€œIf you do not have equipment at an AWS Direct Connect location, you can setup AWS Direct Connect with the assistance of a member of the AWS Partner Network. AWS has a growing list ofΒ APN Technology and Consulting PartnersΒ who can assist you in accessing the AWS Direct Connect service. These APN Partners can help you establish network circuits between an AWS Direct Connect location and your data center, office, or colocation environment.”

Dedicated Connections:

  • 1 - 10 Gbps connections
  • VΓ­a Direct Connect partners
  • Uses 1 Ethernet dedicated connection for the client
  • Request first to AWS, then to a Partner

Hosted Connections:

ViF - Public/Private Virtual Interface


One-to-many VPC:


1:1 VPC connection:


High & Maximum Resiliency



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