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Today’s interesting update brought by Andy Malone MVP about new and enhanced features in Microsoft 365 and Entra ID that I believe will take some admins to the next levels. I found about these through Andy’s video, “3 Core Updates that All Microsoft 365 Admins MUST Know! and thought it’d be interesting to be shared.

1. Enhanced Guest Accounts in Microsoft 365 and Entra ID

A noticeable improvement is in the management of guest accounts. The process of inviting a guest user from another tenant has become simpler and more streamlined. And guess what, you can also convert these guest users back and forth between guest and member users, depending on the needs of your organization! Isn’t that cool?

Another enhancement is the introduction of sponsors for guest users. You can assign sponsors to a guest, who can be individuals assigned to oversee and manage their activity.

To do this, navigate to ‘Users’ -> ‘All Users’, click ‘Add User’, fill in the necessary details, review, and send the invite out. Couldn’t be easier, right?

2. Unified Microsoft Purview Portal

You may be familiar with Microsoft Purview, a suite of comprehensive tools provided by Microsoft 365 for various uses. Well, it’s getting a facelift, namely, the Microsoft Purview Portal! It is a unified space, bringing together all resources not just from Microsoft 365 but also Microsoft Azure.

This new portal will allow you to access your data catalog, information protection, data loss prevention policies, insider risk management, auditing, and many other features. In the future, it will also include third-party solutions. Exciting stuff!

3. Changes in Microsoft InTune

Microsoft InTune interface has been updated, and it is certainly a welcome change. The interface has become more user-friendly, with more categorized options making device and user management easier to handle.

Some of the new additions include Chrome OS support for device management, new options for app support and tenant administration, and the addition of Cloud PKI for the creation and management of digital certificates.

Stay tuned to Andy’s channel for more tips and tricks on how to maximize your use of Microsoft 365 and make sure to check out the mentioned video to have a visual understanding of all these cool updates!

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