Weekly Cybersecurity Recap


March has been an interesting month in the cybersecurity world. From revealing vulnerabilities to innovative solutions, let’s recap what happened, starting from the latest to the earliest posts.

Weekly digest: Cybersecurity Threats and Innovations


This week’s digest focuses on various cybersecurity threats targeting Apple’s macOS users, WordPress sites, and even a backdoor vulnerability in a widely-used software suite. On the brighter side, Proton Pass announced support for passkeys across all devices and plans, enhancing online security.

Interesting reads of the week:

Hackers are using malicious ads and fake websites to deliver stealer malware targeting Apple macOS users, aiming to steal sensitive data (source).

A backdoor vulnerability was discovered in xz-utils, a software suite used for lossless compression. This vulnerability potentially affects systems running distros that use glibc and specific versions of xz or liblzma (source).

Proton Pass announced its support for passkeys across all devices and plans. This alternative to traditional passwords is designed to prevent phishing attacks and enhance online security, making this technology universally accessible, free, and open-source (source).

Over 39,000 WordPress sites have been compromised by a malware campaign named Sign1, which uses malicious JavaScript to redirect users to scam sites (source).

An unpatchable vulnerability was discovered in Apple’s M-series chips that allows attackers to extract secret keys during cryptographic operations. Mitigation would require building defenses into third-party cryptographic software, potentially degrading M-series performance (source).


The increasing sophistication of cyber threats underscores the importance of maintaining up-to-date security measures. Innovations like Proton Pass’s universal passkeys highlight the potential of technology to enhance security. However, the discovery of unpatchable vulnerabilities also shows the need for continual vigilance and adaptation in the face of evolving threats.

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