Building This Website

I wouldn’t call this “building a website”, as I’ve written 99% Markdown and 1% HTML, maybe 0.5% CSS.

This website is the latest state in a series of changes made in more than 3 years, from different technologies and different β€œKnowledge center” schemes.

This is intended to be a condensed platform, or “central hub” for all publications I tend to share. From random blog posts to deep technical Cybersecurity information, I have it all here, or at least linked.

It also serves as an esoteric arcane dark arts library and a self-development and self-management blog πŸ™‚ - You can find the Notion Knowledge Center here.

Why English? It’s a habit I developed from the beginning, and I’ve continued writing that way ever since, although English is my second language.

I strive to make this sites as useful as possible, not just for myself but for others as well. If it proves beneficial to me, chances are it will be helpful to someone else too. So please feel free to share, interact with it, bookmark, and propose changes.

Background story

  1. This site initially started as my personal resource notebook in an old hugo pages website that I left unmaintained in 2020.
  2. Then I migrated to Notion and Cloudflare, but my ambition was to transform it into a comprehensive resource hubβ€”a “brain backup” accessible from anywhere, anytime; a “learning exhaust and soon it got a little bit messy due to the “patchy” way of publishing Notion with a custom domain.
  3. Then in 2024, after a lot of skill building, I finally got back to Hugo for this “main” site while keeping the public Notion Knowledge Center intact.

About the usage of Hugo

At first, Hugo wasn’t portable enough for my needs and I kept moving around but soon it became more of a hassle than I was expecting or willing to endure. Since then I’ve developed a lot of skills and knowledge, which made this whole thing infinitely easier to simplify this time.

Tech Stack




  • Icons: All non-standard emojis, images and photos are given due credit. Every material is free and sourced from Flaticon, Unsplash, MidJourney, ChatGPT, etc.
  • Diagrams: Open Source’s, or Mermaid,
  • Visuals/Design: Figma &
  • Stable Diffusion (AI) for illustrations (Mostly).

Geek Stack:

  • Workflow: Warp Terminal, vim, not much else…
  • OS: I’ll stick with Linux Debian for now.
  • Hardware: Just a regular laptop.


All content on this blog is provided only for informational and educational purposes. I do not claim ownership of any resources or content referenced or linked herein. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified independently with the specific content owner or source referenced in the blog post. I’m open to suggestions or feedback from it.

Written By


Cybersecurity professional and IT enthusiast with a passion for technology, music, personal growth, and Eastern philosophy. Transitioned from mechanical engineering to IT in 2020, with a full-time interest in Technology, Cybersecurity and recent advances in AI. Seeks to integrate eastern philosophy, mindfulness and a growth mindset into daily life and work.