/now page or “What I’m up to now”

Status: May 4th, 2024

  • Added AI Groq API to my tool Termbot; I’m still testing it, but so far is super fast (Approximately 50% faster than OpenAI API for GPT-4 Model).
    • I don’t have energy now to revamp termbot to fit in another model, and Termbot is now a code riddle but it works (May do this sometime later).

Geeking out on:

  • Getting theoretical about Cybersecurity: Taking the NIST RMF and SP 800-53 courses at nist.gov.
  • Planning to “open source” my Debian setup. After the 5th time in my life setting up my debian installation, it’s now a hassle more than it is joyful..
  • I’m very surprised by Pi.ai - For me it’s like another ChatGPT but it seems to have a great way to be more “human” and supportive.
  • Notion AI Q&A seems like a very promising feature!
  • Reading through the MITRE D3FEND Matrix


  • How, in popular culture (Movies specially), the “God” figure is portrayed as a humble, often poor and quiet character, while the Devil is associated with elegant, educated, wealthy, charismatic, and bad ass characters… ΒΏ?
  • Very interesting idea from Dan Koe:

Discipline Comes From Clarity, Not Force. (…) It’s not something that’s supposed to be difficult. It is the byproduct of knowing what you want and accepting nothing less from yourself. It is the byproduct of an ordered mind. That is, maintaining a clear vision for your future and filling clarity gaps with education and action. (…)” - Idea taken from his latest newsletter.

I always thought “trying” to discipline ourselves was itself a losing battle; this same “try” means implicitly that we don’t really want to do something. It’s a downhill mental battle. Joseph Murphy urges us to stop implying effort; to stop implying mental blocks. When we recognize a mental block, we’re literally fortifying a block in our minds.

Interesting Reads:

  • Reading The Universal Cloud Threat Model by Securosis. MUST READ for Cloud Security professionals. May write about this insights in the future.
  • Alex Hormozi’s unconventional common sense about work in one of his videos has made me realize how superstitious we become about rituals, and what we really need to live fully. I mean, is a “morning routine” the definitive setup for hyper-productivity and stress-free life, or is it just another “standard” we set up with ourselves, and when conditions aren’t set, we feel miserable, and since we decided we “depended” on this ritual, the whole day is ruined? Again, our own beliefs working against us. I just decided I wouldn’t really need to “try to” (Read above) be disciplined. It seems like common sense but maybe we shouldn’t care if it is Wednesday, Sunday, if it’s 5 am, 2pm or 11 pm, if the stars aligned correctly; just get things done and relax/go out whenever we need to.


  • Perfume: Rocking Lattafa’s Wajood. I never understood what “salty”, “marine” profiles meant in perfumery, but now I completely get it with this one; this is definitely “marine”. It doesn’t seem to be compared with Tom Ford’s Oud Minerale by other people, but I think it’s very similar, or at least with the same profile.

What is a Now Page?

What is a “Now Page”? A “Now Page” is an idea attributed to Derek Sivers.. It’s a page on a person’s website that explains what the individual is currently focused on in their life. Made to give a summary and status update similar to what one might tell a friend they haven’t seen in a year, a “Now Page” provides a big picture that isn’t typically conveyed by other social media updates. It offers a reminder of their priorities and can help in refocusing or decluttering their current tasks or agendas. The idea behind this isn’t for business benefits, but for personal reflection and information for those curious about them.